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JAULA::Value_Number Class Reference
[JAULA: JSON Values containers]

#include <jaula_value_number.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for handling numeric values.

This class is a container for JSON numeric values.
Kombo Morongo <morongo666@gmail.com>

Definition at line 51 of file jaula_value_number.h.

Public Types

enum  ValueType {
 Enumeration of available value types. More...

Public Member Functions

double getData (void) const
 Retrieves the value contained by the instance.
ValueType getType (void) const
 Retrieves the value type for the instance.
virtual void repr (std::ostream &ostr) const
 Represents the instance in a stream.
virtual void set (Value const &origin) throw (Bad_Data_Type)
 Copies the contents of one instance into another.
void set (double data)
 Establishes the contents of the instance.
 Value_Number (double data=0)
virtual ~Value_Number ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Valueduplicate (Value const &orig)
 Creates a duplicate of a value.

Private Attributes

double data_
 Container to hold the value itself.

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