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void JAULA::Parser::Value_Parser::EOFError ( Lexan lexan,
Syntax_Error const &  ex 
) throw (Exception) [static, private]

Analyzes the reason for an EOF condition.

lexan Reference to the lexical analysis instance that reads from the input.
ex Syntax error to be thrown detailing why an EOF at this point is an error.
Exception As a result of the execution of this method an exception is thrown with the data conatined in the input parameter or with a JAULA::LEXAN_ERROR type if the EOF is due to an error in the lexical analysis phase.
This method is to be launched whenever an unexpected end of file is encountered. Its implementation includes analyzing if the EOF condition is real or a side effect from a lexical analysis error and chooses to send the Lexan::LexerError Exception or the one received in the input parameter based on this.

Definition at line 562 of file jaula_parse.cc.

References JAULA::Exception::addOrigin().

Referenced by parseValue().

      if (lexan.getErrorReport())
        throw Lexan_Error(*(lexan.getErrorReport()));
        throw Syntax_Error(ex);
    catch(Exception &ex)
      ex.addOrigin("Parser::Value_Parser::EOFError(Lexan &"
        ", Exception const &)");
      throw ex;

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