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JAULA::Lexan Class Reference
[JAULA: JSON lexical analysis]

#include <jaula_lexan.h>

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Detailed Description

Lexical Analysis implementation.

This class implements the lexical analysis for JSON as specified by RFC 4627.
Kombo Morongo <morongo666@gmail.com>

Definition at line 83 of file jaula_lexan.h.

Public Member Functions

Lexan_Error const * getErrorReport (void) const
 Retrieves details for the last error detected.
std::string const & getTokenData (void) const
 Retrieves last token associated data.
 Lexan (std::istream &in_stream, bool comments_allowed=false)
virtual void LexerError (const char *detail)
 Error report.
virtual int yylex ()
 Retrieves tokens from the input.
virtual ~Lexan ()

Private Attributes

bool commented
 Flag for extending language to accept # comments.
 Pointer to the last exception detected.
std::string tokenData
 Container for the token associated data.

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