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void JAULA::Exception::addOrigin ( std::string const &  origin  )  [inherited]

Attachs a new origin after the existing ones.

origin Name of the method to add
Adds the name of a method who is supposed to be the next method in the calling stack from where the exception occured so a basic trace can be performed.

Definition at line 144 of file jaula_exception.cc.

References JAULA::Exception::origin_.

Referenced by JAULA::Value::duplicate(), JAULA::Parser::Value_Parser::EOFError(), JAULA::Value::operator=(), JAULA::Parser::parseStream(), JAULA::Parser::Value_Parser::parseValue(), JAULA::Value_String::set(), JAULA::Value_Object::set(), JAULA::Value_Number_Int::set(), JAULA::Value_Number::set(), JAULA::Value_Null::set(), JAULA::Value_Boolean::set(), and JAULA::Value_Array::set().

    if (origin_.empty())
      origin_ = origin;
      origin_ += " invoked by ";
      origin_ += origin;

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