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Exception & JAULA::Exception::operator= ( Exception const &  orig  ) 

Assignment operator.

orig Original instance to copy
a reference to the destination instance
Copies the contents of the original instance in the destination.
This method controls if destination and origin instances are the same so there is no trouble in a = a asignments.

Definition at line 155 of file jaula_exception.cc.

References action_, code_, detail_, getAction(), getCode(), getDetail(), getOrigin(), and origin_.

Referenced by JAULA::Syntax_Error::operator=(), JAULA::No_Error::operator=(), JAULA::Name_Duplicated::operator=(), JAULA::Lexan_Error::operator=(), and JAULA::Bad_Data_Type::operator=().

    if (this == &orig)
      return *this;

    code_ = orig.getCode();
    detail_ = orig.getDetail();
    action_ = orig.getAction();
    origin_ = orig.getOrigin();

    return *this;

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